(EDX Writing Course) Task 1 : Writing Habit


Recently i decided to took an English course in EDX. EDX is one of the website that provided online course from so many great university around the world. I decided to improve my English by took free and online writing course. I choose  academic writing course from Berkeley University. You can join me here. The course there is free, but if you wanna have a certificate you can pay  $49 and got the certificated. I my self joined this course only to improve my writing, so  I didn’t need the certificate by now. The first task is to write three paragraph about my writing activity.

Since 2008 i decided to write about my life in a blog. I love to write article, daily life as human, student, kid, friend, and society member. During that day till 2013 I mostly wrote fiction in the blog. I remember had a dream to be writer back then, so i fulfilled my blog with short stories, poets, long stories, flash fiction, any many kind of fiction. I write in Indonesian, so everything seems easy. But then when I realize how important English in my life especially when I decided to continue my study, I started to write in English. I wrote about my experience doing things i love, i review book  I have read, I wrote my traveling story. and so many easy writing. All  I can say, I usually write personal things

For me writing is like a medicine. Being human is a difficult job especially when you have mind. When I was 23 I suffered mild depression due to negative thinking or rumination. I ruminated everything especially my life. Why i am here? Why I live? Where will my journey end? What happen if i don’t get what i desire? Why everybody so great and i am not? Those kind of stupid question. To stopped them I wrote. Writing make me great again. Writing make me find my self again. Writing make me know i can move those negative things in paper and forget them.

On August 28th I started my master program. I realize that to got a good grade i should improve my English especially in writing. I realize that my ability in academic writing is below standard. To be frankly, I am so bad in academic writing. I need to improve my academic writing and finish my master degree with decent score. That also the reason why i join this English course. I don’t know how to write academic writing. I am as blank as new white board. I hope I can improve my ability by taken this course. Let see


I will publish all the task i got from that course in my blog. Hope you enjoy it



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