(EDX Writing Course) Task 1 : Writing Habit


Recently i decided to took an English course in EDX. EDX is one of the website that provided online course from so many great university around the world. I decided to improve my English by took free and online writing course. I choose  academic writing course from Berkeley University. You can join me here. The course there is free, but if you wanna have a certificate you can pay  $49 and got the certificated. I my self joined this course only to improve my writing, so  I didn’t need the certificate by now. The first task is to write three paragraph about my writing activity. read more

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Enjoy : Tengku Lesi Water Fall in Rahong – Flores

Rencently this year, around May I went to  Tengku Lesi. It is a water fall which located in Rahong, a little town in Manggarai Flores Indonesia. Flores is the most facinating and beautiful island. Long hidden in the shadow of its more famous neighbor Bali., the island is finally emerging as a unique destination of its own


Some of tourism spot in Flores

There are a lot of places you can enjoy while visit Flores, Komodo island is the most populer one. But on this blog post I will tell you one of great tourism spot you should visit, Tengku Lesi. Tengku Lesi is also known as Cunca Lega. Cunca is a Manggarai language for Water Fall and Lega is the name of one  of Manggarai’s famous regent. People there told us Lega has given as name to honor the regent. I go there with my boyfriend and also my friend Echan and her boyfriend. read more