April Self Talk – Being You

#1 Self Love Practice

April 22th
After binge watch Classical movie, I realize I am an old school human… I realize those plot on clasisic movie remarkable and great. But, if you ask me what my favorite movie, The answer is Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell told a story about fairy name Tinkerbell who think her destiny as Think Fairy is not for her and it make her hate everything she has. The movie is so related to what I feeling for almost decade. I think I dont belong here in the place I am now. I cried when wacthed it. I relaize I don’t love my self and accept my failures.

The movie teach me the most important thing to survive in this world. Love and accept your self and soon you will know your journey and accept your live as a major gift. The movie is a stepping stone for me to become better person. I start to practice self love and accept my failures.

After a month of practice self love, I believe love is to act not to feel, I realize your self is the only one who can help you from trouble.. Once you understand and accept your flaw and mistake, you start to accept your self. I my self become irritated so easily with people who only come to me when they needed me. I say no with brave. A solid No. Thing I frightened to say before. Being different and don’t fit in common standard didn’t give me the neurotic anymore. Others opinions don’t affect me like yesterday. If I can’t handle something or person and they gave me pain in the as*, I will away from them..

Life is about know your self, appreciate your life, and live it to the fullest. And then universe will change and you will find your self surrounded by great people.. One thing for sure Money is Not prority. You won’t poor because of giving someone who needs..

PS: I am great motivator.. aren’t I

#2 I am a Neurotic, Arent I?

I spent my week binge wacth honory award like Kennedy center or AFI life time achievement and found my self irritated but happy, the rare paradoxe feeling I can define… Those binge watching would let me to did some wikipedia stalk about some names. One of them was Geroge Lucas and how much he earned when Disney made 2.1 Billion with Starwars.. The answer is null (He sold LF to disney fo 4 Bilions and lost all the credits) and it gave anxiety and dear Lord how I hate that feeling… I found my self easily irritated this past two or three weeks. Suddenly my negativity rise up. Something wrong with my brain, maybe my dopamin or serotonin. Or maybe I spent to much time in doing useles things like wacth youtube

Suddenly I found my self lost in a strange world Like Chihiro in Spirited away. Mann, that movie was great.. BTW I did Miyazaki movie Marathon and Spirited away was the best… It teach so many lesson. Money, relationship, self development, and off course the most basic thing to survive this hard life “Self-love” Like Chihiro took train to meet Yaboba’ twin sister we should do something that will lead us to great things.

I consider my self as neurotic bicth. I have this un-chill feeling every time something serious happened in my life. Panic, do it in hurry, told a lot people about it (brag), and then stop before started it. My opinions always fickle, I am the ficklest person I’ve ever known.My mood swing become major this weeks. I hope my mind and soul are okay..

I cant sleep, that’s why I write this notes. My neurotic mind make my brain suffer for negativity.. I should stop the Pattern before it got worse.. how? By being present and do something.. Once your busy physically, your mind silent… I should start to do something.. Well, I think I am neurotic woman and I love it. Lets do something

See you on May Self Talk

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